Jellyfish Island

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Jellyfish Island



Some weeks are long, and some weeks are longer. We had one of those weeks where the domestic peace of  every evening was disrupted by a meeting or outside obligation.  So it was with great joy that we awoke on Saturday morning to find perfect weather.

The sun was shining.  It was warm, and not a bit hot. The sky was what I call “Savannah Blue” – an intense, clear blue.  If you stare into a Savannah Blue sky, you can see the blood cells flow through the capillaries in your eyes!


We have a boat, but we had not taken it out even once yet this year. And in a few hours we would again feel a crush of obligations and deadlines.  Without a moment to lose, we grabbed our life jackets, swim suits, and sun screen. There was no time to hunt for fishing gear or the cast net. The tide was going out!  We didn’t even take time to pack a picnic lunch.  Instead we stopped at a grocery store on the way to the marina.  There I bought highly processed foods that my children LOVE and that I SELDOM buy:  Cheezits, Nutter Butter cookies, and Fruit Gushers.  (Hmmm… dairy, grain, protein, and, ummm, fruit.  A square meal, right?)


We loaded up the boat and headed out of the marina with no destination in mind.  We ended up in the Calibogue Sound, a body of water south of Hilton Head Island and north of Tybee Island.  The sound is frequented by dolphins and on this day the water was as smooth as glass.  Off of Daufuskie Island we encountered an enormous sand bar.  We decided to anchor the boat to explore it.

Checking the depth

Cannonball Jellyfish

Cautious investigation








The sand bar was littered with cannonball jellyfish, also called “jelly balls”.  I have been told that they are not poisonous to humans, but we were content to study them from afar.


Having great fun












The children romped in the tide pools, discovered hermit crabs, explored the drift wood, and watched rays swimming in the shallows. Jets flew overhead, skywriting advertisements for the Beaufort Air Show.  You don’t see skywriting everyday!

Exploring driftwood

Little adventurer











We could see Hilton Head Island.  We could see the Tybee Island lighthouse.  And yet we felt so wonderfully remote.  Such perfect peace and quiet.  God blessed us with a perfect outing.

Impromptu footrace

Quiet reflection












After about 45 minutes, we had to pull up our anchor and leave.  Low tide was approaching.  While we loved our “island paradise”, we didn’t want to put our towing insurance to the test.  On our way back to the marina, we stopped along the banks of the Tybee Cut, where the children found shark teeth and, unfortunately, a vulture skeleton.

Shark teeth

Checking out the wildlife










It was not a thrilling day.  Or an exciting day.  But it was exactly what we needed:  a time to rest from our toil, enjoy one another, and delight in Creation.

I know that in a few hours after our special time, the high tide covered our sandbar and obscured our “island”.  If we went back to that location again, I do not know if we would find our sandbar the way we remember it.  That is the nature of tides, the sea, and the sand – always changing, always being changed.  But I do believe that my children will never forget the day they discovered “Jellyfish Island”.









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