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peach bishop1











I remember looking at the adorable girls at church in their hand-smocked dresses and saying, “If only God would give me another little girl, I will learn how to smock…”

He did, so I did.

peach bishop2


Some older women from church came to my home and walked me through the process.  I am not very good at sewing or smocking, but I really enjoy the creative process

teal bishop1teal bishop2

  harmonizing the designs with color and fabric.

A real pleasure in the doing.

blue bishop

One of my greatest hindrances to completing my dresses is that I spend little time off of my feet.  If I am sitting down, there is usually someone sitting on my lap.

Or maybe three someones.

purple bishop

For a while my most productive time to smock was while waiting in airports UNTIL my favorite tiny embroidery scissors were confiscated in Grand Cayman.

Threatening and dangerous?  Really?!

Threatening and dangerous? Really?!

Pretty threatening, huh?

If there were an award for “Worst Application of a Placket in a Smocked Bishop”, I would OWN that award.  My consolation is that my daughter is rarely still; my dresses will not be closely scrutinized.

red bishop

My smocked dresses take so long to complete, that my daughter soon outgrows them.

purple bishop

I display them in her bedroom as little “works of art”.


While I may not be the best seamstress, it is my hope that with lots of practice, I will one day be an awesome grandmother…

And there is encouragement in knowing that sometimes you can “teach an old dog new tricks”.







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“I need a vacation!”

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“I need a vacation, ” said the woman who travels every chance she gets.

Yes, I am talking about me.

More specifically, I need someone to come feed and nurture my family while I chain myself to a hammock.

Maybe somewhere like this:

Roatan, Honduras

Roatan, Honduras


“Why?” you ask?  Why would I try to flee the care and comforts of the family I love?


I am so behind.

There are twelve books haunting me on my nightstand.  AND THAT DOESN’T INCLUDE THE NOVELS I DOWNLOADED TO KINDLE!


Summer reading / Teacher inservice





Cognitive skills training and executive skills training.

I think I’ve read some of each book, but have yet to finish one.

Why am I so behind?

Then it dawned on me.  My youngest child is three years old.  I have not nursed a baby in two years.  I got my  best reading done during those years of nursing younguns, when I had to get off my feet and sit still.  I used to knock off several books a week, but now I struggle to finish a couple per month.


The LORD certainly knew what He was doing when He designed the whole “nursing mother” plan.  He knew that a mother with an infant needs to get off of her feet every two to three hours to nurture that little one.  At the time it seems inconvenient, but it is restful for the body and refreshing to the mind and  soul.  I miss those times, and now my ambitious reading list, my “homeschool teacher inservice training”, is haunting me with the Specter of Unfinished Business.

And that leads me back to my dilemma.

I need a vacation.

Or better yet, another baby.


What was on your summer reading list?









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