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Posted: November 7th, 2012 under Photography, Travel.
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Grand Cayman Horizon








“What are you doing?  What ARE you doing?  What on earth are you doing?”  My husband was growing increasingly perplexed.  How could I explain to him that I was photographing the HORIZON.  How could he possibly understand that in the horizon off the island of Grand Cayman I found AZURE PERFECTION!

That’s right!  Perfection. No matter how much I look at it, I never tire of the color of blue. How thankful I am (for more reasons than one) that God cloaked the earth in an atmosphere to give us a blue sky by day, instead of black like on the moon.  How soothing to the eyes and calming to the soul!

Lavender and Turquoise

When I was in college I spent a good deal of time studying theatrical lighting design.  There was a never-ending dialog about whether a particular fill light was “warm” or “cool”.  Non-techies just couldn’t get it.  They would think warm=yellow, like the sun, and cool=blue, like ice.  Color theory in lighting design bears only a slight resemblance to your kindergarten color wheel, so after a while, you shrug your shoulders and give up.

Yet another attempt to capture the view.

But there, on the horizon of the island of Grand Cayman, one can see a  “cool blue” lavender sky harmonize with the  “warm blue” turqoise water (color not temperature).  The combination is intensely satisfying and restful, and if you are reclining in a hammock in Grand Cayman, it is probably because you needed a vacation.

Blue is always a perfect backdrop.

Why aren’t the waters off of Tybee Beach, twenty minutes from home, this color?

Is it any wonder that Grand Cayman, home of the perfect blue horizon, is also the only native home of the RARE BLUE IGUANA?  Kinda makes you think, huh?

Cyclura lewisi, aka Blue Iquana

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  1. Wow… Looks so much like Heron Island!

    Comment by Andrew — November 7, 2012 @ 10:17 pm

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