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Posted: July 29th, 2011 under Day trips, Photography.
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sprayground fun

Every family outing does not have to be to an exciting location or a unique experience.  Even regular, everyday fun can sometimes be enhanced by capturing it with a camera.  These photos were taken last summer when our family spent the afternoon at a YMCA pool.  This pool has a slide and a wonderful “sprayground”, where jets of water shoot up from all directions, and buckets of water pour down upon your head.  The goal of taking these photographs was to capture the brilliant colors, the action, and tack sharp focus on the drops of water.  All were taken from a distance with a telephoto lens, of course, for water is a camera’s enemy.  A different style-choice would be to make the water look streaked and blurry, but that wasn’t my desire.




The final stretch

Deploying goggles

The plunge

Looking at the photographs stimulates my memories.  I can hear the water splashing and remember the squeals of the children.  I remember the warmth of the sun and the cool shock of the water on hot skin.  I even recall that familiar pool smell:  chlorine and sunscreen.

Bracing for the cold

These photographs were taken with a Nikon D700, ISO 400, lens 70 x 200 mm f/2.8.

Squeals of delight

My children continue to enjoy that simple day at the pool whenever the photographs scroll through the desktop screensaver.  They always cause us to pause and giggle, with a “Hey, I remember that day…”

The dreaded bucket dumps out.

Simple pleasures can bring simple joys.

Summer fun


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